Sunday, November 8, 2009


In most cases about abused the common victims known are the women and children. The government and some non-profit organization create a group to protect their rights. The society always in favor about protecting women and children's right because they think that they are more weaker than man. A boy's ages below eighteen years old they are still covered by this protection.

The sad part is that there are also man that was being abused and battered by their partners and the society doesn't really pay attention about it because of the concept that man can protect themselves and it won't make much damages on their part. Honestly, most men who suffered this kind of situation are ashamed to accept it because they are afraid to lose their ego or pride.

Being a man is not an excuse to not be a victim of this kind of crime because there are also some women who abused and battered their partners. The justice should be served fairly in all aspects.

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