Saturday, November 21, 2009


My husband asked me to watch movie in the theatre and I wasn't really thrilled at all when he told me we are going to watch 2012, but I was wrong about what I think about the movie at first because I really enjoy watching it.

The movie is all about a worldwide disaster that comes in the year 2012 there are earthquake, volcanic eruption and tsunami. A scientist doctor named Adrian find out about it with the helped of his Indian friend, this information is highly classified so all the highest official in the White House keep it a secret only those people involve in the study knows about it. They already prepared a ship where they can evacuate all the selected people who can only be in there and they have to pay billions. A divorced man named Jackson who worked with a very rich man accidentally knows about it, he did his best to saved his family no matter what it takes. Together with his family they have been through many calamities that almost get them dead, but he never gave up until he makes sure that his family is safe even sacrificing his own life just to save them.

The movie is so intense and makes my heart beat faster and at the same time feel pity for those poor people who can't pay just to be in that ship, until Adrian stands for them and decided to fight for their rights against his cruel boss. It was indeed a very nice movie and if ever my husband decided to rent a tape and watch it again I will surely agree with it.

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  1. hubby wants to watch this movie too. pero ang tagal ko na di nanood ng movie, i always for the dvd nalang.