Monday, June 6, 2011


Content by Kyle Lowe

I don't get too much time to watch television these days, but every day during my lunch hour I make sure and turn on The Steve Wilkos Show at 1:00 pm. Steve Wilkos usually has guests that have cheated on their spouses or hurt they're children. He asks several questions, and at the end of the show, he always reads the results of a previously administered lie detector exam. I enjoy The Steve Wilkos Show so much, even if I leave the room, I pause the TV, so I don't miss a thing!

Steve Wilkos used to be a bodyguard on the Jerry Springer show. He is also a formy police officer, and was in the army. Because of his background, Steve tends to be a very intimidating talk show host. He has a big build, a loud voice, and is very passionate about what he believes in. By the end of each show, he has usually taken a chair from one or more of his guests, and thrown them across the stage. Although his demeanor comes across as a bully, he cares very much for people, and always offers his help if the guest is willing to accept it.