Sunday, October 11, 2009


In Washington thousands of gays and lesbians activists are marching outside from the Whitehouse to the Capital to pursue their rights to serve openly in the military and to end the discrimination's against gay that the Presidents promise in his speech during the nation's largest gay rights group.

Gay rights has been a big issue many years had passed and it is still up to now, we can't deny the fact even nowadays that everything seems natural, but still people can't accept the gay society and they always discriminates them and think that they are not going to contribute well in the community.

According to the holy Bible the Lord only created two species of human the man and woman. Then, I start wondering how lesbians and gay form, is it really abnormal to be not in the right lane of life? I don't want to judge them of what they are because I got plenty of friends who are in that side and they are all so good to me. They have a different capacity of loving and they are struggling to show to the people that they are not freak of nature and that they can do what every normal people can do or even they can surpass it.

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