Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I read an article on the newspaper today about the bus driver and the children's behavior while riding the school bus. The bus driver said that they have plenty of precautions to do while driving like watching for the deer, bad roads, weather and so much more, but there is another danger greater than all of these perils he said because the children itself is way out of control and they don't respect some of their fellow riders in the bus. There were kids hanging out the windows while the bus is in motion, others running up and down the aisles punching and choking each other, racial slurs against student of color and so many more bad activities they do inside the bus. They ignored the effort their teacher or whoever adults in charge for them to behave while riding the bus. They don't care if they hurt someone already in their actions as long as they have fun without knowing that they also put themselves in danger.

Driving needs concentrations and alertness and imagine if your driving with this horrible situation I can't say they are kids anymore because mostly of them are already teenagers, but sad to say also that most of them have no manners and no respect for others. Here are some simple, but a very helpful ways to help prevent and keep our children safe:

*Parents- step up and discipline your children when needed.

*Drivers- they must have the right to eject kids that make the bus ride unsafe. Stop

bus and wait until order is restored.

*School Administrator- use strict enforcement when problems occur. Back-up your

monitors and drivers.

*Coaches and Chaperones- educate the kids on proper bus etiquette. Take an active role

in maintaining control. Sit in the back of the bus.

*KIDS- act responsibly and show respect to adults and fellow students.

If all of these concerns will follow their duties and responsibilities we can ensure that we can get home all safe to each of our family.

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